End Exodus

Pre-Session I

A courier has tracked you down and personally hand-delivered a sealed envelope to you – it contains a letter and an invite.

Greetings and Salutations,

I trust this correspondence finds you in fine health and spirits.

If not, I hope to improve both in due course.

As I’m sure you are well aware we are living in dark times, there is much outcry and suffering blighting the people of Alvá – and it’s about time to start reversing the damage which has been done. If you agree then I believe we should endeavor to combine forces and see action taken.

If you don’t? Well, coin and power might tempt you instead? I have both at my disposal, and you can too.

Please come to Haukke Manor and meet with me to discuss further.

With regards,

Malcolm Haukke

Well, there you have it. The most tantalizing job offer you’ve had in weeks. Certainly worth checking out!


StoryTellerDan StoryTellerDan

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